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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the Cinema of Hideo Kojima

Whenever you see an excessively long take in a film, it’s usually for two reasons: 1) Because showing a protracted span of time serves a legitimate, specific purpose to the scene, and 2) because the director is showing off. Sure … Continue reading

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First Details on Asteroids Movie ‘Plot’

How do you craft a story out of Asteroids, a game that was literally about a triangle shooting circles against a black background that stood for outer space? Simple: You make one up out of thin air. Speaking with Lornezo di … Continue reading

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E3 2010: Nintendo Unveils the Nintendo 3DS

To close out their E3 press conference, Nintendo finally unveiled the Nintendo 3DS. Rising from the stage (accompanied by what honestly sounded like a T-Rex roar on the soundtrack in the auditorium), the 3DS turns out to look almost exactly … Continue reading

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