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In Appreciation of Fuck

Here’s something interesting about me you’re probably not interested in knowing: If you talk to me face to face, you’ll rarely, ever, ever hear me curse. Call it habit, I guess. I was raised being taught not to curse, and … Continue reading

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Back From the Second Dimension (Feature Story)

Everything old has a good chance of eventually being new again, assuming it’s beloved by enough 18-35-year-old (even magazines!). That’s no surprise to gamers who grew up seeing their favorite 2D mascots and series reinvented with each new console generation, … Continue reading

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Harry Gregson-Williams (Interview)

1UP: I’m sure you get this question every interview, but for those who may not know, could you talk about how you got involved working with Hideo Kojima and Konami on the Metal Gear Solid series? Harry Gregson-Williams: I didn’t … Continue reading

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