Kris Pigna

Pictured: Human Creature

Welcome, interested human, to my wonderful website, where you will find a (very sporadically updated) blog and old examples of stuff I wrote from days gone by.

A little about me: I worked as a freelance writer for years in the gaming industry, doing everything from reviews and previews to interviews and feature stories for publications like 1UP.com, IGN, Bitmob, and Electronic Gaming Monthly. I’m also a movie and TV lover, nebbish by reputation, eater of foods by desire to continue living, deathly afraid of wasps since childhood, and hoping to be “the last” of something in my next life, like “Samurai,” “Mohican,” or “Starfighter.” Also, I’m a communist. (Not really.)

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No? Well, I’m disappointed, but I respect your terrible, terrible decision.