5 Things You Definitely Missed in the “Star Wars: Episode VII” Trailer

5 ) It’s All Connected

star wars episode vii millennium falcon

Look above. Just a cool but otherwise innocuous shot of the Millennium Falcon, right? Pfft, look again!

star wars 2.1

As a super-cool Easter egg, that is totally the Serenity ship from Firefly in the upper-left corner! But’s that’s not all — zoom in reeeaally close, and you’ll see…

star wars 2.2

That’s right! Star Trek‘s Starfleet logo! But wait, there’s more! Zoom in even closer, and…

star wars 2.3

Holy shit, that’s crazy-bearded Vin Diesel from The Last Witch Hunter! Does that mean all these properties take place within the same, interconnected cinematic universe? Sure, why the fuck not! Cool!

4) This is Darth Vader’s Helmet

star wars 1

See that melted, mysterious visage? Would you believe me if I told you that’s Darth Vader’s helmet?!

“Get the fuck out of here!” you say? No, really! Look at this shocking comparison:

star wars 1.2

I mean…it’s actually pretty obviously Darth Vader. How did you even miss this one? Are you an idiot? I bet you feel like a real idiot right now.

Let me guess, you also didn’t notice R2-D2 here, either?

star wars 1.2

Seriously, come on.

3) Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Kim Davis Cameo

And you thought you were disappointed when you found out the Pope met with her. Maybe this movie’s social politics aren’t so progressive after all?

star wars 3

2) The Truism That You Will Never Return to the Innocence of Your Childhood


Whatever warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia that this trailer gave you, understand they are a lie. The simpler time you yearn for, those joyous days when you would come home from school and play with your Star Wars action figures and watch afternoon cartoons without a care in the world, is gone and never coming back. You’ve aged, and you’ll continue to age. The harsh realities of the world you now face will still be there after you see this movie, and they will follow you to your grave. Woe unto you. Woe unto us all.

1) Who Even iKarl?

Well, it looks like some sneaky visual effects artist has a mysterious grudge.

star wars 5

star wars 5.2

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