Quantum Theory (Game Review)

You know how when a popular new movie comes out, a few years later you’ll see straight-to-DVD knock-offs? Paranormal Activity begat Paranormal Entity. Transformers begat Transmorphers. You can think of Quantum Theory as having the same dubious relationship to Epic Game’s Gears of War.

Yes, that is a roundabout way of saying Quantum Theory is a gigantic Gears of War rip-off. No, seriously, gigantic. How gigantic? If you want to know how it plays, read through Gears of War’s instruction manual because it’s copied nearly wholesale. You move from cover to cover controlling the main character, Syd, from a third-person over-the-shoulder view. You can Roadie Run (simply called Dash here) to the next piece of cover, complete with the lowered, shaky camera view. You can blind-fire over or around walls, “mantle” over low cover, and perform an evasive dive to dodge fire. Just about the only gameplay features from Gears that aren’t copied are active reloading and chainsaw melees.


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