Harry Gregson-Williams (Interview)

1UP: I’m sure you get this question every interview, but for those who may not know, could you talk about how you got involved working with Hideo Kojima and Konami on the Metal Gear Solid series?

Harry Gregson-Williams: I didn’t work on the first one, as you know, but it kind of cropped up out of the blue. Hideo sent me a CD that he had compiled, with a few of my cues from sort of “blockbustery”-type action movies that I either did the score for or contributed to. For instance,ArmageddonThe Rock, and The Replacement Killers. He just kind of picked out a style and a sound that he really wanted to have on his game. So, I mean, flattery will get you everywhere. [Laughs] And it seemed like a great opportunity to try my hand at it — I’d never done music for a videogame, so that was another reason it was interesting to me.

1UP: Were you at all familiar with the Metal Gear series before jumping on board?

HGW: Nope, not at all. Obviously, I went out and started getting familiar with it. But as time has gone by and the series has evolved, our working process has changed a bit. On the first game I did, it was pretty hit-and-miss, I think. [Laughs] Hideo was in Japan, and I was out in Los Angeles. But I think we’ve got a fuller understanding of how to actually put it all together now.


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