E3 2010: Nintendo Unveils the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

To close out their E3 press conference, Nintendo finally unveiled the Nintendo 3DS. Rising from the stage (accompanied by what honestly sounded like a T-Rex roar on the soundtrack in the auditorium), the 3DS turns out to look almost exactly like a standard DS, with some key added features.

For one, of course, is the 3D top screen, which is 3.5 inches wide — slightly wider than the bottom screen. Satoru Iwata came to stage to demonstrate it, and he explained only the bottom screen would have touch-pad control, since smudging the screen reduces the 3D affect. It also features a slider that lets you adjust the 3D effect. Control-wise, it’ll have a “slide pad” designed for analog control, and also a motion sensor and accelerometer.

Iwata explained it’s Nintendo’s goal to make the 3DS (which does indeed appear to be the handheld’s official name) a product for the mass market. As part of that, the 3DS also has two cameras on the outside of it, which makes it capable of taking 3D pictures. It can also display 3D movies, with partnerships with Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks announced. All of this can be played without 3D glasses.


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