6 Games We Hope Represent the Future

Contemplating the future can be terrifying, and it doesn’t help when thousands of dead birds suggest the coming of the Apocalypse. To really understand why this is unsettling, imagine if instead of that happening in real life, it happened near the beginning of a Michael Bay movie.

But we refuse to believe the future is destined to suck, and we think it would behoove humanity to look toward videogames more often as a model for progress. Awesomely insane new sports? Cutting edge fashion? Intergalactic leadership? We could all do a lot worse than try and replicate the rad-as-hell visions of these six futuristic games.

F-Zero GX

What it’s about: Shockingly reckless sport where kick-ass supersonic hovercrafts race to an awesomely cheesy heavy metal soundtrack.

Why we hope it represents the future: Maybe you missed the part about kick-ass supersonic hovercraft racing backed by a cheesy heavy metal soundtrack. The person who invents these vehicles will become wealthy beyond imagination — just think of how many people watch NASCAR for the fiery crashes alone. And if you don’t think that’s why a lot of people watch NASCAR, reflect that there are probably more scientists right now trying to invent terribly dangerous hovercraft racers than there are working on the protective car wreck foam from Demolition Man.

Our favorite part of F-Zero, though? The concern for human life is so low that not only is everyone piloting horribly fragile sonic jets with cockpits attached, but they’re also racing on the most sadistically dangerous tracks the human mind can conceive of. That’s like creating a sport where players toss hand grenades to each other, and then play on a field covered with undulating lava. Actually, we’d also like to see that sport in the future, please.

Oh, and if F-Zero does become real, we hope they keep the ridiculous driver personalities, too. We’ll root for Octoman over Jeff Gordon any day.


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